judge quotes

Hearing the phrase “Don’t judge people by cover” this is certainly no stranger to our ears. Which means do not judge people from outside or outside. In other words, “judge”.

As is known, judging others is an action that we often do unconsciously. Judging is not wrong, but often uses it wrongly.

This was also felt by Bram as the owner of Sup Fina’s cottage. “Nowadays what often happens is that I like to judge other people, without first making sure what he thinks is right. Very often that happens, indeed it is not wrong, but it can make someone and the person who is judged to be misunderstood.

Actually what the meaning of the judgment is. According to Bram, the significance of judging is that there are two meanings, the first, often reminding the mistakes of others not to repeat anymore. And secondly, draw conclusions before knowing the facts.

“Of the two meanings I know, it certainly has a positive and negative meaning, but usually that often happens is the second meaning, which is to draw your own conclusions without the truth,” he added.

The same thing was also conveyed by Mardhiyah, as lecturer of Psikologi Uin Suska Riau. According to Mardhiyah, the act of judging in a positive sense is like in the sense of reminding the fault of others, it is done for the good of the person we “judge” as well. But sometimes, if it’s turning to ourselves, we do not want to hear criticism or “judge” others are giving, because it often gets a lot of praise from somebody.

Judging in a negative sense, that is what we often do to others. Without knowing the problem, why, it is easy to take a negative conclusion. As a simple example, we see a person in his daily life always cheerful and enthusiastic, not necessarily true. He might have hidden something behind his cheek that he showed.

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