happiness quotes

The search for happiness is universal, and the United States of America has included it in its Declaration of Independence. Among these rights are life, freedom and the search for happiness. In other words, man has always sought to attain this dream fullness, and to make his life more harmonious. Prosperity, rapture, fortune we all have our own definition of happiness, which is also very often linked to love. The editorial team offers a selection of quotes and proverbs that can bring you closer to this bliss.

Sometimes life does not go according to what we expect, many failures make us worse off and feel that life is not fair. Often it comes to our minds why we always fail, why our lives are not as happy as people’s lives, and there are many other things that are on our minds, which are not uncommon for us to be tired of our own minds.

But, not the name of life if we continue to feel happiness, sometimes God sends sadness to teach us how we can learn to understand life, learn to mature our person who is often still childish.

This collection of quotes can hopefully brighten our minds, and treat the wounds that we feel a little, so that we remain strong in facing life.

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