friendship quotes

Friendship phrases. Let’s see together quotes and sentences about friendship, friends and friends, taken from aphorisms, songs, books and films. Friendship is one of the strongest and most powerful feelings and relationships that human beings can experience. It can give a lot of satisfaction but also disappointment. We have chosen some beautiful phrases about friendship that reflect on the various aspects that it can take on in our lives. From true friendship to false, from that sung in songs, to that between women or between men and women.

Friendship is a relationship between people based on a feeling of living and mutual affection. Those who have sincere friends know what it means to be able to count on at least one person who is able to help us when we are in difficulty.

It is often said that true friends see themselves in times of need and in fact many phrases about friendship follow this concept but they also make us discover much more, for example that before looking for good friends we should be the first to behave like gods. true friends because we tend to attract what we are into our lives.

We can say that friendship is often the protagonist of books, films, poems and famous phrases but above all that without true friends the lives of people would be much more empty and less varied

Choose friends, lovers and loves that are strong wings with which to take flight, help you to be born, even when born is bad, to discover who you really are, to make you better people. Choose those who scold you for too much affection, instead of those who comfort you for convenience.

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