Anime Quotes

What are the most beautiful quotes of anime and manga? As many know, both of them have a fundamental role in Japanese culture: they are considered, in fact, very expressive means, like cinema, art and literature. Strictly linked to each other – souls, cartoons, often drawn from manga stories, ie comics – have experienced an extraordinary development since the late 1960s, thanks to the burgeoning comic book market and the advent of television. From the huge ‘creative tank’ of the anime, and from the traditional Japanese comics culture, the most famous and long lived animated series of all times have come to life which, from Lady Oscar to Dragon Ball, from Mila and Shiro to Captain Harlock,Aladdin, constitute, still today , a true worldwide phenomenon.

Divided according to the target they refer to, anime are divided into different categories.

Ffrom the romantic Candy Candy to the sci-fi Naruto, from the sportsman Holly and Benji to the magic of Creamy. In the wake of the success that Japanese cartoons have had in Italy, especially since the 1980s, we have collected a brief selection of the most beautiful quotes taken from the most famous anime and manga ever: if you want to find out what they are, take a look at the following pages.

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