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The quotations of Virginia Satir speak of change, affection and relationships. They are a gift of love and warmth dedicated to those who love to reflect on the importance of reconnecting with themselves and with others.

Virginia Satir, a social worker, psychotherapist and writer, has devoted much of her energy to family therapy. In 1959 he founded the Mental Research Institute (MRI) with Don Jackson, Jules Runkin and Gregory Bateson in Palo Alto, one of the most prestigious psychotherapy schools in the United States, where the systemic approach was devised. Here she was director of the training school and took part in the creation of the first formal family therapy program.

The person who knew her describes her as a woman capable of transmitting warmth, engaged in important topics such as communication and self-esteem, and who added feeling and compassion to the relationship between patient and therapist.

For Satir, attention and acceptance are fundamental elements to help the patient face his fears and open his heart to others. He considered love as the most powerful therapeutic weapon. It is also known for its change process model.

His most read books are The new peoplemaking. Guide to healthy relationships in the family and with others, how is your family doing? : living relationships in a meaningful way, Making contact and Your Many Faces: The First Step to Being Loved.

We have selected some of the most beautiful quotations from Virgina Satir to reflect from her theoretical perspective.

The importance of attitude towards life
“Life is not like it should be. It is what it is. It’s the way you face that makes the difference. “

Sometimes life does not correspond to our desires and expectations, quite the opposite. We must not, however, stop fighting or looking for our way. We cannot always change events, but we can decide how to deal with them.

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